Friday, October 7, 2016

Ghetto Fan Filters

So in my latest episode of Fix-it Friday, I mention my "Ghetto air filters", but I apparently never explained what they were for or anything. So, let's do that here. 

My case is a little on the older side and it doesn't have great airflow. To add to that I'm using an original I7-930 (@4.01 if anyone cares) and an AMD video card(R9-290 if anyone cares) and it gets very hot in there. To help out with airflow, I've populated every fan spot with the largest fans that will fit, to keep noise down as much as possible. (bigger fans can spin slower/quieter) The issue I've run into since doing this is that the side panel intake is unfiltered. This meant dust kept getting into everything and making me clean all of the heatsinks almost monthly... Between the Squish, YouTube, and my actual job, I definitely don't have time for that. 

So obviously, the logical conclusion is to buy some magnetic fan filters to slap on and call it a day. I've been trying to order some for about 6 months now and I can never get the timing right on it. Meaning that, when I have money, I don't need anything else from Newegg that's cheap enough to add them to the order. Likewise, when I do have an order for them, I don't have the extra money to also throw in the filters. 
So I ended up with an extra air conditioning filter from my appartment for free, so I decided to make my own until I can get the magnetic ones ordered. This is not ideal and I do not recommend it! The filters for HVAC systems have a lot more of an airflow restriction than mesh filters do, so the fans have to work a lot harder to pull air through. 

Anyway, all I did to make them was measure out some 14.5 cm squares from the filter, noting the airflow direction, make a frame from some duct tape (hot pink is what I had laying around) then used some clear packing tape to secure them in place.

I did see a slight temperature increase on the GPU from this, but it was less than 5c so it's not really significant, but I did have to reduce the overclock slightly because of it.

Anyway, I just wanted to shed some light on that for you guys. 
Until next time, 

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